What We Do

The mandate of the Recovery Team is to promote the conservation and recovery of Ontario’s butterfly species-at-risk and their habitats.

In order to fulfill this mandate, we have identified the following short-term goals:

• Support activities that protect extant populations of Mottled Duskywing and their habitats.
• Complete and support activities which result in the re-establishment of Mottled Duskywing at formally occupied sites.
• Conduct and support research that fills in knowledge gaps identified in guiding recovery documents for Ontario’s butterfly species at risk.
• Support the creation and enhancement of butterfly species at risk habitat Oak Savanna habitat in Ontario.
• Provide support to land managers.
• Conduct and support public outreach and stewardship activities.

To achieve this goal, members of the Recovery Team support or are directly involved in a variety of current projects. In an effort to share information, collaborate on new projects, and discuss project challenges and strategies, we gather at least once per year for an all-day meeting.

Annual Recovery Team meetings to date have included:

• November 20, 2017, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

• November 15, 2018, Pinery Provincial Park Visitor’s Centre

• September 24, 2019, Toronto Zoo Atrium

• October 15, 2020, Virtual Meeting

• December 3, 2021, Virtual Meeting

• October 24, 2022, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory