News and Events

News and Events


July 21, 2021- First Mottled Duskywing Reintroduction to Pinery Provincial Park!

Representatives from Natural Resource Solutions Inc., Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, Ontario Parks, University of Guelph, and Wildlife Preservation Canada gathered at Pinery Provincial Park to release the first batch of captively reared Mottled Duskywing.  Adult butterflies and pupae were released in strategically selected habitat which will be monitored by our 4 person crew from Wildlife Preservation Canada: Mitch, Erin, Amber, and Wajed.


July 23, 2021- Over 120 Larvae and Pupae Released to Pinery

The Recovery Team is completing releases of three different life stages: adults, larvae, and pupae.  This approach will help us determine what life stage is most successful at establishing populations at Pinery and will directly inform how Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory approaches captive rearing in 2022.  Today we released larvae that are close to pupating so they can choose their own pupation sites, a factor that may be important to survival in the wild. More pupae were also released.


July 28, 2021- Mottled Duskywing already confirmed laying eggs at Pinery!

Recovery Team field crew member, Erin Postenka, confirmed the first Mottled Duskywing oviposition at Pinery today!  This is a huge win for the team and a strong indication the butterflies are adapting quickly to their new home.  Four females in one day were seen laying eggs!

Can you spot the two eggs?

September 3, 2021- That is a wrap!

The 2021 reintroduction monitoring program has wrapped up for the season.  Mottled Duskywing released to Pinery Provincial Park are now in a state of diapause and will overwinter as mature larvae.  We can’t wait to see what next spring brings!



General contributions to the Recovery Team’s work can be made through the
Toronto Entomologist’s Association (
by noting the donation is for the Butterfly Species at Risk Special Project. Tax receipts will be provided.

If you would like to donate to a specific project or initiative the recovery team is working on please contact us.

Funding Resources to date:

• Species at Risk Stewardship Program
• Weston Family Foundation
•Nature Conservancy of Canada
• Lambton Wildlife Inc.
• Wildlife Preservation Canada
• National Research Council of Canada
• Mitacs Internship Program
• Canada Nature Fund